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A Note from Mel Shapiro.

So what will we do in our collection of personal windows?

I hear you thinking... Another acting class? And on Zoom no less? How is that possible?

Actors need to use their body, their voice, and other actors to pay attention and listen to. Are you trying to generate a world of talking heads? Actors need an audience!

Here's an answer: Let’s try it and make it possible. Perhaps playing on Zoom will open up a new area of expression, creativity and imagination that you wouldn't normally tap into. Maybe we can develop a group of actors, directors, writers and tech people who will form the first Zoom based Performance Co.! But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

You ask... So what will we do in our collection of personal windows? How do we connect to ourselves, our character, our partner, and an audience? 

Here is what we will work on:

  • Improvs, which will tune up your responses and imagination.
  • Monologues you have prepared by modern or classical authors. The material should be from pieces that challenge you.   
  • Scenes that you and your partner are in the process of working on. The material should be from pieces that challenge you. You can cast yourself against type. 
  • The Auto-drama. A presentation of the high points of your life, done metaphorically. This is explained in the book, 'An Actor Performs'. 
  • The Auto-drama of the Character. You might want to develop an Auto-drama about a character you are working on.
  • One Person Show & The Activist Project. Or an exploration of a living person, someone, someone who wants to change the world, the Activist Project.

Mel Shapiro

Some people Mel has worked with:

John Guare


“The House of Blue Leaves”, “Six Degrees of Separation”, etc.
John Guare

Billy Porter


Needs no introduction.
Billy Porter

Allison Janney


Needs no introduction.
Allison Janney

Rob Marshall

Film Director

“Chicago”, “A Little Night Music”, etc
Rob Marshall

Galt MacDermot


“Hair”, “Two Gentlemen of Verona”, etc
Galt MacDermot

Sammy Davis Jr.

Needs no introduction.
Sammy Davis Jr.
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    Mel Shapiro

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Weekly Breakdown

Each week will consist of a 2-3 hour session.

  • 01
    Class Access: Located in 'My Dashboard'
    Show details
    • Step 1: Welcome!
    • Step 2: Getting Your Bearings
    • Step 3: Virtual Class Best Practices
    • Step 4: Technical Document
  • 02
    Week 1
    Show details
    • Improvs
  • 03
    Week 2
    Show details
    • Monologues
  • 04
    Week 3
    Show details
    • Scenes
  • 05
    Week 4
    Show details
    • The Auto-drama
  • 06
    Week 5
    Show details
    • The Auto-drama of the Character
  • 07
    Week 6
    Show details
    • One Person Show & The Activist Project


“His directing and his plays always rested on a distinct underpinning of human behavior.”

Co-Founder of Tisch NYU

J. Michael Miller

“Working one-on-one with Mel is like sitting at a roundtable of experts.”

Author, Backwards and Forwards

David Ball

“Mel is by far the best teacher I've ever had. Here is a master of the craft of Acting and Directing. If you need a challenge, this is the guy for you!”

Instructor of Theater Practice, USC

Jeremiah O'Brian


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